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Once you have heard singer Stephanie Brehm, you will understand why she and her guitarist husband, David, are rapidly building a fantastic fan base.

                                                 --Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Brehms are known for their unique and entertaining noir jazz sound that incorporates catchy songwriting, mesmerizing vocals, and effortless guitar playing. Fans all around the globe describe their multilingual repertoire, with a mix of pop-jazz, gypsy jazz, and Latin jazz, as an exciting experience that goes down smooth like a velvet hammer. Their original music can be found on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Be sure to check out The Brehms latest release, "I Lead With My Heart", which they recently released on vinyl! 

David and Stephanie Brehm fell in love while performing on the Dallas Jazz Scene, and they are on a mission to spread the sonic love, peace and happiness to their listeners. Their first single, "Love (Open the Door)," is a catchy brass-infused anthem that reminds us to celebrate the love that "meets you where you are...sets you on a shooting star!" You won't want to miss the music video below - put on your dance pants.

The Brehms have been fortunate to work with many world-class musicians over the years including recent polka hall of fame inductee Alex Meixner.  Here is an acoustic Gypsy Jazz rendition of The Brehms' original song entitled "Voodoo Love" which features Alex on accordion.

If you have been to a show, you know The Brehms enjoy performing their own arrangements of Latin jazz tunes, in particular the timeless compositions of Antonio Carlos Jobim.  The Brehms have captivated audiences far and wide with their unique interpretation of Jobim's "Garota De Ipanema" (Girl From Ipanema). 

Antonio Carlos Jobim's music has dramatically inspired The Brehms, as evident in the title track to their "I Lead With My Heart" album.

In their first year together as songwriters, The Brehms wrote a song entitled "Red Dress," which was immediately well received.  The Brehms continue to perform this fan favorite during their live shows.


"Red Dress" eventually became a finalist in the "Jazz Category" of the USA International Songwriting Competition, inspiring The Brehms to create even more music. 

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