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Life can change in an instant, and sometimes it happens with a kiss. In the spirit of Stephanie's anime character from SpyXFamily, Detective Sylvia Sherwood/The Handler, she is out to catch you. No doubt, the standout guitar work of David Brehm will seal the deal. 

"Catch You With a Kiss," written by David & Stephanie Brehm of The Brehms band, was released in November of 2023.
🎶 Dive into The Brehms' purr-fectly enchanting rendition of Disney’s classic, “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”! 🐾 Stephanie Young Brehm and David Lee Brehm have sprinkled some magical Halloween vibes onto this feline favorite. Don’t miss out on this spellbinding music video - it’s the cat’s meow! 🎃🎵
We so enjoy continuing the legacy of Astrud Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Stan Getz, and so many other outstanding songwriters and musicians. We hope this music takes you to your happy place.
This is our anthem to love. Time to celebrate and put on your dance pants!
What a joy it is to play and perform with the amazing talent that is Alex Meixner! A world famous accordionist and recent inductee in the Polka Hall of Fame!
For the romantics and the dreamers...may you always lead with your heart. The vocal stylings of Astrud Gilberto, coupled with the songwriting talents of Antonio Carlos Jobim, have influenced our songwriting on many levels, and we hope they are looking down from heaven and enjoying our latest bossa nova.

We would like to thank the fabulous Eleanor Dunbar for her gorgeous strings, our band for their world-class talent, and our brilliant producer, Anthony Plant, for helping us with this arrangement.

And for the multi-talented David Brehm for writing/performing/shooting/editing...for insisting we shoot a music video while in LA for a film premiere. He shot this in two hours, and we were the "crew." Way to go, Magic Man. Cheers to chasing the beach sunrise at 4:30 am in an Uber, a cherished memory. Time to exhale...
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