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In conjunction with his beautiful wife, Stephanie, David L Brehm is the band's principal songwriter and lead guitarist as well as the band's primary photographer, videographer, and editor.  


So, let's see some photos...


David captured this photo of the enchanting Stephanie Young Brehm using a Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera paired with a Zeiss prime lens.

David and Stephanie are always ready to take a break from their daily routine and snap a picture together. David, who is skilled in Photoshop, then superimposes the picture onto a holiday-themed background for the band's newsletter and social media posts. To capture these shots, David typically uses a camera timer or remote control.

When Halloween rolls around, the kids like to get involved...


David already thinks Stephanie hung the moon, but the kids were asking how a blood moon came about, so David got her to paint it as well.


David occasionally incorporates Lola into his visual projects...

The Brehm kids love the Disney movie The Aristocats, so David and Stephanie went to The Panhandle House in Denton, Texas, recorded "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat," and then made a music video in the industrial space next to the recording studio.

The_Brehms_at_Pandhandle04__House 10_19_2023.png

Fun Fact:  David Lee Brehm was an animator on the Academy Award-nominated Jimmy Neutron Feature Film and later became the Layout Department Head for the Annie Award Winning Jimmy Neutron TV Series.

Animator_credits_JN02 copy.jpg

The Brehms have appeared multiple times on Good Morning Texas, and each appearance garnered exceptional TV ratings.

Recently, The Brehms played at the State Fair of Texas, and despite the hot weather, David's Godin guitar remained cool. Later, David captured a candid photo of Stephanie just before her tambourine solo at Acoustic Kitchen Studios.


The Brehms have filmed multiple music videos on or near a beach. David always tries to take a few photos of Stephanie whenever possible, and he typically uses his phone to capture the moment in these fast-paced situations.

Stephanie_Brehm_of_The_Brehms_band_video_shoot_still02 copy (1).png

Fall foliage always makes for an exciting backdrop.  David and Stephanie were grateful to have found a nice spot at their church to capture this photo.

Watch for more photos of The Brehms in action very soon...

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